Guidance Officer


What is a Guidance Officer?

Guidance Officers are experienced, registered teachers who have completed Masters level qualifications in guidance and counselling.  They also undertake specialised training in areas such as adolescent development, mental health issues, family dynamics and careers counselling.
BSHS's Guidance Officer (also known as the G.O.) offers counselling on personal and academic issues, and supports students and their families with careers and study information.  The G.O. works with members of other student support services, administration and school staff to ensure that the welfare needs of students are met.  They also maintain links with and can refer students and families to outside agencies.
The G.O. is available to talk with students, parents and carers on any matters concerning the welfare of students.  Students can self-refer or may be referred by parents, carers, teachers or members of administration.  Confidentiality is assured for all issues where personal safety, or the safety of others, is not at risk.

How do I arrange to see the Guidance Officer?

Appointments to see the G.O. can be made at the Student Counter in the main office.  Students can also drop by the Guidance Office (in the 100 block) during break times (in class time by appointment only).  Alternatively, BSHS students can book an appointment by using the online self-referral service (you must be connected to the school network).
Parents and carers can contact Lisa by phoning 3442 3704.  If she is not available, a message can be left on the message bank.

What can the Guidance Officer do for me?

The role of the G.O. is very broad and is involved in many areas of school life.
The G.O. can help with personal concerns such as anxiety, depression, peer relationships, self-esteem, stress management, family concerns, conflict, coping strategies, sleeping difficulties, eating difficulties, and grief and loss.
The G.O. can also assist in exploring career options and alternate career pathways, providing current course and careers information, and preparing for post-school career management.
There are many issues for which you may wish to seek assistance (some of which are listed below).  If you're not sure if the G.O. can help, please enquire. 

Types of services available

Career guidance and counselling

  • Career decision-making
  • Subject selection changes
  • Career and course information
  • Career and academic goal review
  • Transition support to apply for post-school options (e.g. TAFE or university)

Educational assistance

  • Special consideration for educational disadvantage
  • Assessments to identify special needs
  • Study skills and goal setting
  • Links with university programs (e.g. experience days, early start to university)
  • Scholarship applications

Personal counselling

  • Mental health issues
  • Relationships
  • Family mediation
  • Stress management
  • Grief and loss counselling
  • Personal problem solving
  • Communication skills development
  • Referral to other services for specific issues
Last reviewed 27 April 2020
Last updated 27 April 2020