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In 1953, schooling in Beenleigh changed forever when the Beenleigh Branch of the RSL generously donated the use of rooms to accommodate secondary students.  Subsequently on the 31st July 1954, Beenleigh State High School was officially recognised when it opened as the high top of the Beenleigh Primary School campus.  The present location of the high school was established in January, 1963 and officially opened in September 1964, with a cohort of approximately 80 students.  The campus was one block, currently block 3.  Upstairs, this building included the Principal’s office, his secretary’s office, a staff room, and five classrooms, together with two laboratories at one end, the tuckshop at the other and an open area in between, completing the ground floor of the block.  Home economics and manual arts students travelled on foot between the two campuses over the next twelve months, until the new blocks to accommodate them were built.  Another milestone occurred in 1982, with the establishment of the agricultural department and its Beenleigh Drought Master Stud.

Our school has strong traditions in academic, cultural, sporting and agricultural activities, based around our motto of "Semper Altiora" and is recognised for its involvement in the local communities with students engaged in projects that both support and enhance the established community groups.  Solid links have been built with many local organisations, including the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary, Lions and PCYC.  Students are involved in both academic and vocational programs aimed at giving each student an opportunity to pursue their chosen career.  In 2009 the school targeted literacy with a view to improving the ability of each child. 

Our school mission statement is, “We Care. We Are Responsible. We Achieve.”  This statement is integral to our school. We have a caring and committed staff, who strongly encourage responsible behaviour and constantly focus on student achievement so that our students have the best possible futures.

In year 8 we run specific classes of literacy and numeracy designed to help improve skills to complement the work that is done in English and Mathematics classrooms. We actively track each student’s individual progress and use this information to update our teaching practices.

Our Naplan results have been very pleasing and we have been recognised by Education Queensland for showing greater rates of improvement in student results than the Queensland or National rates of improvement.

We have exciting new facilities at our School.  These include the creation of our new eLearning centre, state-of-the-art science laboratories, purpose-built trade training centre (hospitality kitchen), modern special education unit and the allocation and refurbishment of an Indigenous Room named “Mibunn Jinndi”, meaning Eagle Nest.  As well, the relocation of the student payments office as part of the administration building makes financial transactions easier for all concerned

Last reviewed 31 March 2023
Last updated 31 March 2023